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Odoo, formerly known as OpenERP, is a software suite encompassing accounting, manufacturing management, CRM, sales, and other company applications and modules. This open-source ERP has over 30 core modules and a shop with over 16,000 third-party apps and plugins. With so many plugins, your company will be able to find the proper modules for the job. Because this ERP is typically self-hosted and located within the company, it can be used by companies of all sizes and requirements.

  • Flexible
  • Customer Support
  • Multiple Modules Integration
  • Customizable Architecture

Why Use ERP implementation Using Odoo ?

The Affordability Of Odoo Benefits Your Business

Odoo is one of the most cost-effective and user-friendly platforms. Its cost-effectiveness for small firms allows them to begin with the most basic functions at a cheap cost. Odoo's module can be scaled up as a company's needs develop. As a small business owner, however, you have complete control over IT costs and can run operations using Odoo's default features. As a result, Odoo is the most cost-effective ERP for small businesses. Naturally, the savings apply even if the company is larger — Odoo is more economical and cost-effective in general.

Adapt To Changing Business Conditions

The corporate world is constantly evolving, with new trends emerging on a daily basis. To keep up with the competition, such industry shifts may necessitate a significant time and capital investment from the business. This can occasionally be more expensive than the company can afford. Even small firms may adapt to changing conventions, integrate an ERP into their system, and perform better in their target market with Odoo's inexpensive modules. It also boosts their confidence and motivates them to compete on an equal footing with the other market participants.

Decision-Making Is Simplified

Because the data provided by Odoo is processed in real time, small businesses can make swift decisions. When it comes to inventory management, marketing, bookkeeping, and other facets of their business, enterprise companies can save time. Small firms can avoid losses and missed deadlines by making early decisions, as well as gaining a quick understanding of what works and what doesn't. These businesses can also spot any concerns that may be affecting their productivity. Company managers can make timely decisions with the help of an integrated operations report.

Transparency of Data

While you choose to incorporate Odoo ERP into your small business, you eliminate the potential of data export or re-entry problems. The integrated system guarantees that each department is dealt with using its own set of data, decreasing the possibility of data errors or conflicts. Furthermore, all departments have instant access to any information with a few mouse clicks. This technique of data access promotes organisational openings, reduces the risk of data inaccuracies, and lowers human resource costs.

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