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Facebook Marketing in Dubai

With over 2 million marketers in the world, Facebook has been the most leading modern advertising platform for businesses. Enhance your businesses social media branding and engagement with our Facebook marketing services. As an experienced, social media marketer we have been serving hundreds of business marketing on Facebook. We create tailor made ads based on your needs with our result driven approach. At cube- interactive, we plan and analyze the detailed list of target audience initially and start reaching them, this increases the chance of conversion and increase the business engagement. For all of our campaigns, we focus and strive hard to generate sales and ROI.

Fine-tuned Facebook Marketing services For Startups and Small Businesses to Maximize ROI

Features of Our Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook Strategy Development

Marketing with a clear strategy will put you in the path to success. Facebook campaigns without a clear strategy has it's pitfalls and can lead to disastrous results. We will understand your businesses through initial meetings and research. These discovery calls help us to understand your business, success/failure of your past campaigns, profit margin / sale, target demographic, campaigns goals etc.

Facebook Ad Copy Writing

Your Facebook content can make your campaign hero or zero. We will write the right Facebook ad copy which will connect with your target audience. We will write the ad copies based on the set objective for the campaign. Whether your objective is lead generation or engagement, we can balance the act and help you to fulfill your objectives.

Facebook Page Optimization

To have highly converting landing page, you need to have the right heading, benefits of the product/service, trust elements (client logo, review, partners, testimonial..etc), good call to action and a neat lead capture form. We validate each landing page based on a set of parameters to improve the landing page experience and increase the lead/sales conversion.

Conversion Tracking

Data is a key element in a PPC campaign. To track a user from the interaction point to sales/lead conversion tracking is important. With the conversion tracking you can identify which ads, keywords, audience persona are yielding best results and this helps you to make the right campaign optimization decisions. You can also set a dollar value to each conversion and make sure your campaigns are profitable.

Competitor Analysis

To win the PPC battle you need to have the right arsenal in your disposal and also need to have the intelligence about your competitors. We collect intelligence about competitors ad copies, landing page, target keywords and their offer (whitepapers, discount coupons etc) to entice visitors towards conversion. The collected intelligence about your competitor will be used to enhance your campaign and drive a positive result

Budget Management

Budget management is a critical tactic in PPC campaigns. We will spend your dollars wisely and make sure you are getting the best ROI on your investment. You can’t choose a 'Set it and Forget it' lazy approach process for bid management. The budget has to be allocated and optimized based on the best performing campaigns, ads, keywords. We monitor the campaigns and the related results closely every day and make sure your campaigns are performing at it's best