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On WhatsApp, we all want fast replies. Let's face it, when someone doesn't respond, it's annoying. Your clients, on the other hand, have similar sentiments. Here's where WhatsApp bots come in handy. WhatsApp Automation is a set of APIs that work together to automate WhatsApp. This communicates with an Android emulator running the messenger. Developers can use this to create projects that automate message reception and transmission. Furthermore, this automation entails the addition of new connections as well as the dissemination of messages to a large number of people. This capability can also be used to send promotional messages to WhatsApp users.

  • Quick Replies
  • Advanced Search filter
  • Chat Labels
  • Short Link Features

Why Use WhatsApp Automation ?

Conversations that have been verified by the brand

Every firm should build a WhatsApp "Business Profile," a unique business identity that incorporates branding components into your WhatsApp discussions. You can include phone numbers, web addresses, retail locations, promotional information, and more. WhatsApp Business also allows you to include photographs, videos, and documents in your conversations. Customers can be contacted using a smartphone, a mobile device, or a desktop browser. Having cross-device and cross-location accessibility is a strong method to ensure you're constantly on top of your consumer communication. WhatsApp is proud of its "security by default" policy. The software, unlike other texting apps, encrypts all messages and calls from beginning to end. Only the sender and recipients — not even WhatsApp — have access to the contents of each message, which is protected by a unique lock and key.

More Conversations Will Be Started Automatically

You can design template messages to remind clients to take the next step and start a discussion once they've opted in to receive WhatsApp messages from your company. WhatsApp ensures that users do not receive spam or irrelevant communications by enforcing strong content quality and response time requirements. WhatsApp also requires business users to respond to incoming client communications with a non-templated response within 24 hours. Customers can be contacted via smartphone, mobile, or desktop browser. Accessibility across devices and locations is a strong method to stay on top of consumer communication.

Two-Way Communication That Is Both Convenient

WhatsApp Automation allows businesses to engage in two-way messaging with clients using an app that they're already familiar with. Businesses can use the app to access a variety of client communications and campaigns in a convenient and direct manner. Mobile messaging is a quick-paced environment. Labelling your interactions ensures that customer messages don't get lost in the shuffle. To categorise departments, use colours or labels, then sort by discussion type to find messages easily. With each communication, don't recreate the wheel. Customers can use rapid replies to speak with you without having to write out a full response.

Increased Customer Service

The days of exasperating customer service and support calls, interminable hold times, never-ending routing to agents, and backlogged help emails are over. WhatsApp Business gives businesses a personalised environment in which to communicate with clients in real time. WhatsApp Business builds loyalty and trust by offering the information and support that your consumers require. You'll never miss another message again! Customers will never feel ignored or overlooked if you use automated messages to answer them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Adding a welcome greeting to new customer messages helps your business create goodwill while also offering information about your organisation.

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