Is there a difference between Web Design and Web Development?  Frequently, both terms describe the process of building a website, so are they the same?  It is not the same thing, while web designing is all about the visual side of the website such as the way it looks and the user experience of your
Having a beautiful website, or a stellar portfolio will not help you rank better in Google if your Search Engine Optimization is not done well. Sitemaps, alt tags, and keywords – to name just a few – are extremely important to Google, Yahoo, and Bing to measure how important and how helpful our website’s content
Access to more data, which is not relating to privacy or security, can change individuals and humankind in general for the better. Open Data refers to the movement aiming to make knowledge accessible to all via online platforms like websites and mobile apps and give them the right to edit the content and republish it
The “link spam update” makes Google’s algorithms more adept at detecting and nullifying spam links. This update will be rolled out over the next few days and will take at least two weeks to appear widely in all search results, regardless of language. Some site owners are about to see changes in their rankings, according

What is Web App Manifest?

Basically, Web app manifests are part of a group of web applications known as progressive web apps (PWA). PWAs are websites that are designed to be installed on a mobile device’s homescreen without an app store listing. Unlike the generic web apps with simple home screen links or shortcuts, PWAs can be downloaded to the
  Are you searching for a reputable website design company in Dubai? Are you wondering how you can find the best one out there? As the pandemic changes how people run businesses, the same thing is happening in terms of their needs and requirements. Many businesses now have to keep customers a seat apart. There are,
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SEO Experts Dubai
  Are you looking to lure in new customers to your website with the content you use? Do you wonder how to find the right SEO Dubai experts to help you gain more traction on Google’s top search results? If so, then you need to understand what aspects to look for in the best SEO
Digital Marketing…is it just a fancy Catch-Phrase, or Is it an Accurate Concept? Many are still doubtful of how helpful this posh word can be, other than making people sound smart in business meetings. I too wanted to know what the hype for Digital Marketing is all about when another fellow digital marketers kept asking
There is a misconception that SEO means just optimizing the title and meta description tags with the keywords. If you’re a small business owner with a very limited budget, here are our recommendations of the top 10, free to use, SEO tools that help you with on-page and off-page Search Engine Optimization in Dubai. If
Do you still promote your local business with word of mouth, radio, TV, and print ads? – It’s time to switch to easy to use digital marketing strategies, which will make your business to grow and grow. So, what makes a local business to thrive amidst all obstacles? – The answer is a new-age digital